Family Works services

Find the right support for you and your whānau.

Our wide range of support services are designed to provide people with the information, skills and guidance to develop strong relationships with their children, families and community, and work towards positive changes in life.

To book a service, simply send us an enquiry or give our friendly team a call.

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Girls programme

Our programme for girls is a fun and relaxed group environment that helps build confidence and self-esteem. Designed for girls aged 12 – 16, it priovides teens with opportunity to talk with others about experiences and feelings in a safe, non-judgemental space.

Known as ‘What about the girls!?’ the programme gives you the skills and knowledge to feel stronger and more confident. You’ll learn how to look after yourself and your friends, even in difficult situations.

We’ll cover things like:

  • keeping yourself safe
  • looking after your body
  • gaining confidence
  • having a voice and being heard
  • developing healthy relationships
  • dealing with bullying and being hurt
  • looking to the future.

And don’t worry, it’s not a lecture – the group is safe, relaxed and fun!

If you or someone you know might benefit from this programme, please fill out an enquiry form and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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Social Workers in Schools (SWiS)

Social Workers in Schools (SWiS) is a programme designed to support children to thrive at home and at school. Trained Family Works social workers or family-whānau workers, based in schools, work alongside the students, families and teachers to support our future generations.

Family Works experienced team of social workers are friendly, approachable and non-judgemental. They take a strength-based approach to addressing issues at-home or school in order to strive for a brighter future for the child and their family.

They often work with the student and their family and teachers, to work on things such as:

  • developing good relationships
  • developing social skills, self-esteem and confidence
  • behavioural issues or concerns
  • parenting and bonding
  • staying safe
  • living a life free of violence and crime
  • grief and loss.

As well as working with individual children and family members, Family Works social workers:

  • develop and run practical group programmes and support networks
  • coordinate services on behalf of the family
  • provide advice and support to parents and teachers
  • make sure the family is connected to the best services for them
  • advocate on behalf of the student and/or their family.

Accessing Social Workers in Schools

Teachers, principals, community members, children and families can make referrals to Social Workers in Schools, but it’s up to the families concerned to choose to be involved – the service is voluntary.

Family Works Central currently has social workers based in the following schools, where the service is provided free-of-charge thanks to funding from Oranga Tamariki.

  • Ngatitoa School
  • Titahi Bay Intermediate
  • St Pius X School
  • Porirua School
  • Porirua East School
  • Rangikura School
  • Titahi Bay School
  • Titahi Bay North
  • Maraeroa School
  • Bishop Viard College (Years 7 and 8 only)
  • Holy Family
  • Wellington Seventh Day Adventists
  • Kahurangi School (Strathmore)
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Youth Mentoring

Youth mentoring is all about supporting kids and teens who are facing challenges in their lives to make good choices and create positive changes – to make the most out of life.

Family Works youth mentoring supports taiktamariki and young people, usually aged between 12 and 16 years, who are having a tough time and need some extra adult support and encouragement.

Our mentors mentors are also known as Kaitautoko Whānau. They act as role models and become trusted friends. Walking alongside the teenager, they put themselves in their shoes and help them through challenges by listening, supporting, motivating and guiding.

Teens are paired with a mentor based on their interests and needs. They meet weekly to engage in fun activities that they both enjoy – such as going to the park, playing games, cooking, crafts, fishing and other outdoor activities.

All Family Works Youth Mentors are trained and screened volunteers who receive regular supervision.

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3R's Resilient programme

3R’s Resilience programme provides training around building emotional regulation and becoming more resilient, as well as counselling to work through obstacles and challenges.

Designed to support people aged 16 through to adulthood, the 3R’s Resilience programme will help you to build emotional regulation and create balance in your personal, family and work life.

Our Family Works Whanganui team runs courses in the local community once a week for 8 to 12 week course.

The 3 R’s stands for:

  • Resistance: learning how to regulation your emotions.
  • Resilience: strengthening your ability to adapt to and rebound
  • Recovery: is about identifying your own stressors of being overwhelmed and knowing when and where to seek help/support and not leaving it until it’s too late.

Adapted from the John Hopkin model, by George S Everly, JR.,PHD: Fostering Human Resilience in Crisis.